Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool #9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1. Incorporating technology in our classrooms is imperative during this day and age. We are empowering our students to use the tools that our society has to offer. It is also important we tie this knowledge of technology into the core subjects we are teaching. I believe in order for a child to retain information, they must make a connection during the process. They need to know the purpose of why they are learning what they are learning and how they can use it in their everyday lives. We must rise to meet the individuals needs of each student.
2. We should always hold students accountable for the centers they are engaged in because this is a imperative part of the learning process. All "5 Selves" (as my professor MaryAnn Anderson taught me) must be being reached during centers; which includes their educational, social, emotional, creative, and physical selves. This promotes higher level thinking and actively engaged learners.
3. I was impressed with, which allows the student to hear a CVC word spoken, and they are to "stretch" out their sounds and then type the spelling (sounds to letter matching) of the word. This website has different levels of difficulties to reach all students. This incorporates letter sounds, letter recognition, spelling, technology, as well as fine motor skills. I also like the Math section of this site. It is definitely a site I want to introduce my students to and incorporate it in my classroom.
I also liked because it has a wide variety of interactive, educational, and fun games for the students to explore. There are numerous choices so the student can control what they are playing. I like how there are games for every subject.
4. There are so many apps listed on the data base! I had so much fun exploring them. Since I have several ESL students, I searched ESL/Language Arts apps and I was impressed by the variety and quantity of the choices. I especially liked the apps Dragon Dictation and Discovery Channel.
5. A great way to use the iTouches is to create a video of our classroom experiences. We could also construct an "ABC" book by taking pictures of various objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet. These are definitely things I want to do with my students. I would even like to post it on my blog to share with the rest of the school as well as their families.

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