Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

I am so excited that my students have the opportunity to use iTouches and Netbooks this year! I think it is wonderful to teach the newest technology starting in Kinder! After watching the tutorials, it was a refresher on how to download apps and sync them to all the iTouches using iTunes on my district laptop. My team was able to find hundreds of apps that were age and developmentally appropriate for Kinder. I was able to use these during our guided reading groups to introduce the new technology as well as letter recognition and many other imperative concepts learned in Kinder. Then, students in groups of 4 are able to take turns visiting me again and exploring the iTouches on their own. After the initial lessons, they pretty much took over and loved the devices. I used them primarily during workstations and made sure the apps purchased were all educational and related to the current Kinder curriculum. At the end of workstations, we have a whole group discussion or a "pair and share" about what they are successfully learning and applying with this technology.
The students are equally excited and eager about using the Netbooks. They can explore sites such as BrainPop, StarFall, as well as appropriate search engines on the web to research various topics. It is so fun to see them become successful at using today's technology while learning simultaneously.

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