Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool #5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

I learned a lot about this tool from my Kinder team. They showed me how to use Stupeflix Studio to create a movie. We can use these videos to introduce writing workshop. We always start by talking/writing/drawing things we love, so I made a video about my daughter and things we love to do together to share with my students. This was so easy to use! If you had a collection of images on a topic you were studying it would be easy for you to create your own movie about what you have learned as a class. After reading some of my fellow Kinder teacher's blogs, I will use some of their ideas using this tool in my classroom; i.e. TLW create this as a whole group first, but I also think it would be great to have our "Technology Buddies" come in and help the kids with the typing and picture selection.
I also tried Storybird next, which I learned about from Jenny Lewis' blog. This is an easy way for kids to start publishing. It is perfect for those students that have trouble generating ideas as well as those who spends too much time and even become frustrated with their illustrations. This is a great prompt for reluctant writers!

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