Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool #3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

I searched around on SchoolTube to look for useful videos that would benefit my students and enhance engagement and learning in my classroom. I have the benefit of having a Smart Board in my room this year, so I searched for lessons incorporating this incredible technology. One that I found that peaked my interest was a sort of Living/Non-Living things, which I have posted below.

I also found a video that shared an excellent idea of how to integrate technology alongside with social skills and writing in my classroom. I have posted a video below of students interviewing each other. I will definitely use this in my classroom by allowing my students to interview each other using the iTouches, and as a extended activity, they will write a biography about their partner. This will go along great with our Social Studies unit, "Family Traditions."'s%20Value%20Interview

I copy and pasted the URL address to give the proper people credit for their videos. I can learn from what they have shared, while giving them the credit due.

I had never heard of Picasa Web Album, but after exploring it I will definitely use this tool! I uploaded many pictures of my students and plan on using this to share class photos with the parents in a secure manner.

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