Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tool #10: Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

1. I completely agree with the statement on our school's 11 Tools website, "Our job as
educators is to help develop the skills necessary for our students to become
successful citizens in the world. Today, this job includes helping student
safely navigate an unfiltered digital world." We must protect the students, while giving them the tools to operate digital devices independently. I want them to understand the level of responsibility they must maintain while controlling these devices. They need to know the importance of being held accountable for what they are doing on the digital devices, and the purpose for which they are able to use them and how they can use these skills in their everyday lives, and for the rest of their lives. They also must understand that technology is constantly growing and changing and it is important to obtain the skills to be able to use our current devices.
2. I like the video "Internet Safety" on BrainPopJr. that my fellow Kinder teacher, Jenny Lewis, mentioned on her blog. I think it is an excellent clip that is easily understandble for Kinder kids.
3. I will teach the concept of digital citizenship to my students by my own actions first and foremost. I will also introduce each device and make sure they know how to use it.
4. I type a weekly newsletter to the parents of my students, and I think this would be a great way to communicate with them the idea of digital citizenship, as well as describing each digital device we use in our classroom.

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